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A note about fees for our services...
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1.  We are committed to providing service of highest quality to all persons in need.
2.  We aim to foster equity and accessibility.
3.  We do not want cost to be a barrier.
Originating as an unfunded service, we have developed and maintained a number of referral pathways to try and balance cost-effectiveness for families with service sustainability:
Clients being seen under a Mental Health Treatment Plan
We bulk-bill for services provided under a current Mental Health Treatment Plan upon presentation of a government concession card, and on a case-by-case basis when clients are experiencing financial disadvantage.  Please present your card and we will take a photocopy for our records. 

In all other cases, a full-fee of $124.80 is charged, with your full Medicare rebate of $84.80 processed on the spot. This fee is inclusive of our maximum co-payment amount of $40, however we will accept co-payment amounts from $5 up to $40 to meet your current needs if you are experiencing financial difficulty. Your allocated clinician will discuss this model with you at your first session, and as your needs change throughout your work with us.  Please let us know if you would like clarification on any of these points, and our Clinical Lead will be in touch with you.

Clients referred outside of treatment plan for individual therapy
We can offer flexible, longer-term and comprehensive individualised treatment due to our links with post-graduate programs at the University of Wollongong.  This will be conducted by one of our provisionally registered psychologists.  They are completing their 6th and final year to full registration, and work under supervision and guidance by an accredited supervisor in addition to receiving clinical guidance by the team.
The benefits of this model include increased flexibility (i.e. not limited to 6+4 sessions), no need for mental health treatment plan and diagnosis, and lowered waiting time. Sessional fees under this model are charged at a flat rate of $40. 

We also provide therapeutic services with registered psychologists via Health Insurance claims, which are predominantly processed on the spot via HICAPS (dependent on your Health Fund and any unforeseen issues with connectivity of processing devices).

Late cancellations and failure to attend sessions
We are committed to providing holistic and individualised care.  Our work with you and your young person is likely to involve significant collaboration between us and yourself, teachers, GP and others.  We will read and prepare materials prior to our session with you.  We may make a trip to the shops to buy specific resources and materials to support our work with your child. For every hour of face-to-face work, there is about double in “behind the scenes” work, which psychologists cannot claim.  As such, we ask for at least 24 hours’ notice of a change to appointment.  We understand that sometimes this is not possible due to unpredictable events.  In other cases, we will invoice you for half the minimum scheduled fee of your booked session, payable at the next session.

NDIS Funding
We are currently NOT registered NDIS providers. This means that if you currently have NDIS funding managed by a service you will be unable to use these funds. However, if you are Self-Managed or Plan-Managed by a Local Area Coordinator and can access services via invoicing your funding can be used. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and hope to have a solution soon.

Warehouse One7 Service Fees

N.B. Fees listed below come into effect 1st January, 2019

To access the above document in PDF format, please click here.

All details on the Recommended Schedule of Fees for Psychological Services can be accessed via the Australia Psychological Society website: https://www.psychology.org.au/public/cost/

Fees for NDIS services are based on line item figures found in current NDIS Price Guide, which can be accessed here: https://www.ndis.gov.au/medias/documents/price-guide-nsw-201819-pdf/201819-Price-Guide-VIC-NSW-QLD-TAS.pdf
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