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The Team @ Warehouse One7

Mathew Aquilina
Clinical Lead

Mathew is a registered psychologist and board approved clinical supervisor with a passion for working with young people and their families from an attachment perspective. In particular, Mathew has a keen interest in working with young people with developmental and learning difficulties, youth with behavioural or adjustment issues, and families experiencing attachment disruption. Mathew works from a trauma-informed, values- and strengths-based perspective grounded in attachment theory. Mathew has had experience running a number of group programs with Warehouse One7, as part of external agencies, and in the local community.

Stevie-Rae Kirkland
Team Leader

Stevie is a registered psychologist who has experience working with children, adolescents and families from a variety of backgrounds. Stevie-Rae is interested in assisting individuals and their families who are having difficulties with anxiety, low mood and autism spectrum disorder. Stevie-Rae works with the focus of assisting people to hold healthy perceptions of themselves, and strengthen their relationships and connectedness with those in their world.

Diana Gonsalves

Diana is a registered psychologist with a passion for working with young people and their families from an attachment-based perspective. Diana has experience working with young people in out-of-home-care, from trauma backgrounds.  Diana values a whole-of-child framework and aims to enrich the lives of families through supporting connections.

Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones (known around here as '2tees') is a registered psychologist with previous experience in drug and alcohol counselling. Matt has a particular interest in supporting young people and their families from a trauma-informed perspective. 

Lize Booy

Lize is a registered psychologist with experience working in educational settings and out-of-home care. Lize is passionate about working with children and their families and has been able to do this in group and individual contexts. Lize works from a trauma-informed, strengths-based, and attachment framework. 

Kristina Suatoni

Kristina is a registered psychologist with an interest in supporting children, teens and families. Kristina adopts a values, and strengths-based approach to therapy and is particularly passionate about strengthening the emotional and psychological bonds between parents and children.

Ajdin (Adi) Mujezinovic
Provisional Psychologist

Ajdin is a provisionally registered psychologist. He has previous experience in community outreach mental health. Ajdin is passionate about providing personalised approaches to psychotherapy in the child-adolescent-family context, with a grounding in attachment focused, trauma informed and strengths based approaches.

Britt McCroary
Client Care Support

Britt is our first port of call for any new referrals or inquiries. Britt has a background in psychology, and is currently completing her honours. Britt brings an enthusiastic and warm approach to her role and interactions with clients. Britt has had previous experience working with young people in the community.

Jocelyn Barnett

Jocelyn is a registered psychologist who enjoys using creativity to engage young people in therapy. She works from a strengths-based and client-centred perspective using a variety of therapeutic modalities. Jocelyn has experience assisting children, adolescents and their families with difficulties such as depression, challenging behaviours, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and autism spectrum disorder. She has particular interests in trauma, attachment, and anxiety disorders. 

Thomas Moyle
Triage Clinician / Provisional Psychologist

Thomas is a provisionally registered psychologist with experience working with children and adolescents in a school setting. He uses values- and strength-based therapeutic approaches to helping young people with behavioural issues and anxiety. He is also passionate about using mindfulness practices to teach individuals and groups to learn stress reduction techniques. 

Megan Blacker

Megan is a registered psychologist who has experience working with adolescents, adults, families, drug and alcohol, suicidal and self-harming behaviours. She works collaboratively with the child or young person and their families using a variety of different treatments that are client centred and strength based. She has a special interest in trauma work and mindfulness practice. 

Jayke Parish
Provisional Psychologist

Jayke is a provisionally registered psychologist who is passionate about working with children and adolescents. He has previous experience using ABA therapy, to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder manage challenging behaviours and improve social and daily living skills.

Isabella Ingram

Isabella is a registered psychologist who has experience working in a variety of settings with adults, and private and tertiary services with children and families. Isabella holds particular interest in working with families who may be experiencing challenging behaviours, anxiety presentations, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Isabella adopts a holistic approach to her work with kids and families that is based on principles of attachment theory. Her work is centered on developing relationships between family members, increasing well-being for the family system, and  increasing parental capacity to assist children in coping and thriving in their daily lives.
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